A series of hunting knives is the ideal tool to facilitate and solve most challenges arising in the field conditions. The blade is made of steel D2 with surface treated by sandblasting and it's hardening allows to work up the carcass of a medium sized animal easely. The handle G10 - is a dark textured glass fiber. The sheath are made of camouflage tissue with a plastic insert on the back surface of the sheath with a fixing system MOLLE 

The blade of the knife is optimized along the whole length, tested and considered as fit for most pu..
110.00 €
It's really handy knife made of modern materials. D2 steel with a matte finish; the handle made of a..
110.00 €
A likeable and powerful at the same time, the blade, with falshlezviem in front of the butt. The han..
110.00 €
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